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CARNET Users Conference 2018

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Teaching programming to young learners

Teaching programming and coding to young learners has turned out to be an interesting way to develop digital skills and to equip children with the skills they will need for the future. The website is a nonprofit established to expand computer science among all learners, regardless of their social background. Course A offers learners from 4 to 8 to learn programming using symbols and commands like loops and events. They learn to drag and drop, debug, travel through several mazes and finally they create their own story. Learners program while using ICT tools for learning, collaborating and communicating with others, solving problems, or even creating their own story. Moreover, programming becomes a game, during which learners actively develop the skills of early literacy and are involved in higher mental processes relevant to their future. Coding can be organized individually by using tablets or collectively using an interactive board. In the classroom, we do this once a week. They can also program at home, after all, the activities are free. In order to save changes and assess the progress of individuals, an account can be created. It turned out that the use of the website contributes to a greater motivation and commitment of learners; moreover, it offers an innovative environment for learning, translation of real-world situations to online scenarios and tasks that enhance learners’ creativity.


Nataša Gobec; Osnovna Šola Dobje

She was born in Celje (Slovenia) in 1984. She is an English language teacher and a sociologist by proffession, but she is currently working as a kindergarten teacher at Osnovna šola Dobje. She started her career as an English language teacher, but she has become more and more interested in teaching younger students. For almost two years, she has been successfully implementing ICT tools in teaching and has been developing digital skills at younger learners, in order to enable innovative, creative and positive learning environment. She has already presented her work at some international conferences like SIRikt and NT conference and has visited an international conference E2 in Toronto.

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