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CARNET Users Conference 2018

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Introducing a Dataflow visual programming language for understanding program execution

Understanding program execution is mandatory if a programmer is to write code, regardless of programming experience. Therefore, it is important for novice programmers to construct correct mental models of the execution of the notional machine. To this end, many program visualizations have been developed over the years. However, novice programmers often focus on learning the syntax of a programming language rather than programming itself. Dataflow visual programming languages (DFVPL) allow us to build programs by connecting blocks with arcs. In this paper we present our own DFVPL that exhibits a high level of responsiveness to user inputs and allows the user to control the execution of the program.


Marin Aglić Čuvić; Prirodoslovno-matematički fakultet

Asistent na PMF-u u Splitu pri Odjelu za Informatiku. Trenutno proučava Dataflow Vizualne Programske Jezike i njihovu primjenu na različitim kolegijima.

Trajanje: 15 minuta


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